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The current staff positions within the organization are shown below, allowing members and applicants to choose. When applying for a specific position, ensure our policies, rules, and regulations are understood or acknowledged.

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Moderator Application Status: CLOSED
Designer Application Status: CLOSED
Developer Application Status: CLOSED

Moderator Application Status: OPEN
Designer Application Status: OPEN
Developer Application Status: OPEN


Moderators are responsible for day-to-day management of the Discord server(s), Community Forum, Dashboard, Shopping Area, and other social media pages associated with Falcon Host. Some Moderators are paid, while others are not, depending on terms of services and agreements.


Designers are paid based on what task they complete for the organization, and how neat and presentable they are. Designers are required to remain in our Discord server(s) and have the roles given to them, but they are NOT given daily tasks to complete. This means that Designers will only be assigned with tasks if necessary and needed. At any point of time, Designers are given the right to resign from the staff team, by following staff policies and procedures.


Developers, also known as Programmers, are the ones who do most of the work on the websites, social media pages, community forum, and software, attached to the organization. They are paid based on the work done, while others are not paid, if volunteering in the community as Developers.


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"I have been here for the past year, and I started as a Moderator, after being introduced to the team. I made it to Admin, then became a Coordinator!"


CEO of DesignUX, Coordinator

"What is there to say about Falcon Host? I am outspoken. As a Developer and brother of the Founder, it has been my pleasure to meet all the creative staff members."


Full Stack Developer, Admin

"I can't find one suitable word to describe Falcon. It has been two years, and this is dope. Better Service. Better Foundation. Better Staff. 


CEO of Falcon and Head Developer

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