General Guidelines
I. Moderators are responsible for their own actions. If they think a member should be kicked or muted from the Discord Server, they have all authority to do such without permission from a Higher Staff Member. However, if the user(s) who were punished decides to open an Appeal, the Staff Member must give account for their actions and be ready to deal with consequences if their actions aren't justified by the Coordination Team.

II. Moderators must act respectful when participating within conversations that includes ordinary members and their associates. Being unmannerly can result in a suspension for seven days or an immediate dismissal from the Staff Team, if necessary and appropriate.

III. They must not participate in conversations that includes illegal transactions or activities. If moderators are reported with adequate evidence, they can be warned or dismissed with notice.

IV. Moderators are similar to ordinary members of the organization and they are expected to act like human beings. The only difference between a Moderator and an ordinary member is the authority given. Compared to clients and members, moderators are required to ensure rules are not broken and security is maintained.

V. Moderators are required to attend arguments and debates in the Discord Server and Community Forum when they seem to get out-of-hand. It is not against the rules for members to have formal debates, but if they get informal, Moderators must step in and take appropriate actions.

VI. They must not suspend or terminate services without valid reasons. Doing such can result in the organization being reported, and if possible, causing the entire organization to face legal actions via Court. Terminate means to completely destroy someone's service, without the opportunity to undo such action. On the other hand, suspension is temporary and isn't that serious as terminations.

Perks and Privileges
When Moderators join the Staff Team, they are given a few extra perks and privileges, on behalf of the Coordination Team, as a form of appreciation for effort in filling the application form and completing the interview, in accordance to our policies of recruitment. They are:
I. One Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer Server (500 slots, 1 MySQL Database, and other features similar to free services.)

II. A special rank bar of their choice on the Community Forum for lifetime.

III. A Discord Bot Host (100 MB Storage)


General Guidelines
Administrators are required to abide by the guidelines above (for Moderators), in addition to these:
I. Administrators, also known as Admins, are not required to submit montly reports, but they must keep close contact with Moderators. Admins act as supervisors and they show Moderators how the job should be done. Moderators usually follow what Admins do, since they think it's right and appropriate.

II. Admins are required to intervene in conversations when they believe Moderators are struggling or unable to handle an issue or situation based on it.

III. Admins are required to attend to meets with members in our Discord Server or Community Forum if the special line "Can I speak to your Supervisor or person in-charge?" is used. When attending and addressing such meets, they must be neutral and should not show any sort of bias attitude to the party or parties.

Perks and Privileges
I. A San Andreas Multiplayer Server with 1000 slots and everything mentioned above for Moderators.


Coordinators are the highest staff members in Falcon Host, and they are the last persons to be contacted when minor issues occur. If it is really necessary for a Coordinator to be consulted, then you will require permission from an Administrator. Administrators are the second in control when Coordinators aren't around, and they have more knowledge about the organization, compared to Moderators, depending on the time and place of discussions.

Coordinators can only be dismissed from the staff team if a petition is signed by staff members, explaining their reasons for such actions. However, the Founder and Head Developer can instantly dismiss a Coordinator if he or she feels it is necessary to do such. Coordinators are required to abide by every Organization policies and guidelines required of them, as they are the Superior of all staff members. Coordinators cannot hire nor train staff members, except the Head of Internal Affairs. There is one HIA and he or she is responsible for demoting, promoting, suspending, dismissing, or infracting staff members with points for their actions. However, for a termination or dismissal to occur, ALL Coordinators must make one agreement. When that agreement is made, a voting will be done, and as we all know, majority wins. If there are more YES'es than NO's, then the staff member can and will be dismissed. Otherwise, the opposite shall occur.

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, June 24th 2020 (11:26 PM - GMT-4) By KevinTheDev, Coordinator and Founder