Free SAMP Server Terms and Agreement

At Falcon Host, we treat everyone the same, no matter if you're a client benefiting from premium or FREE services, and one of the free services that we offer to clients and members abroad is SAMP, also known as San Andreas Multiplayer. For more information about this service, visit their website.

Failure to abide by these terms and agreement when benefiting from our FREE SAMP servers, will result in appropriate punishments:

- The hostname of your server must contain the link of our main website. Example: San Andreas Roleplay [].
- You must access your Dashboard at least once every 24 hours.
- You must not share hoax about our services, and pretend to be a Staff Member of the organization if you choose to advertise our services.
- You must be a member of our Official Discord Server.
- You must like and follow our Official Facebook Page.
- You must invite out CJ (Carl Johnson) Discord Bot to your Discord Server(s).
- You must join the Official CJ Support Discord Server.
- You must create an account on our Official Community Forum. (Under Maintenance)
- You are given the maximum amount of 50 slots, and must not argue about this with other clients (exceptions for more slots exist).
- You are given a maximum amount of 100MB space, and you must not comment about the limited amount of space given.

How to get a FREE SAMP Server:
- Order the service on our Dashboard's Shopping Cart.
- Fill in the appropriate and required information.
- After an email is sent to you from [email protected], you will keep it. It consists of your receipt and confirmation message.
- Enjoy!

- Failure to access your Dashboard panel at least once every 24 hours will result in your service being suspended automatically, and to have your service unsuspended, a LIVE Chat will have to be created at our Support Page or you will have to create a Ticket.
- Failure to request for your service to be unsuspended within within 1 - 72 hours after suspension will result in an automatic termination. If this occurs, it cannot be undone, and we will not be responsible for any losses.
- Sharing hoax will cause Moderators or Administrators to terminate your services, ban and blacklist your account and IP addresses, if necessary, and flag your sub-users, for an internal investigation to commence with the aim of addressing, preventing, and stopping hoax from continuing to spread.
- Being ignorant and displaying hatred for the Community or members of it, will result in an immediate ban. No warnings are issued for these actions, as hatred isn't tolerated.
- Attempting to hack into our website/database will result in an immediate ban and blacklist (permanently).

Last Reviewed: June 22nd, 2020 (3:19 PM GMT-4) by Coordinator KevinTheDev