"With us, nothing is impossible"

Falcon Host is an organization, founded in 2018, which offers several, quality, powerful game servers, i.e. San Andreas Multiplayer, Multi Theft Auto San Andreas, and TeamSpeak. In addition to these, we have both free and premium Discord Bot Hosting services.

The CEO of Falcon Host happens to be the Developer of a Discord Bot, named CJ, which displays the LIVE statistics and online player names, scores, pings, etc. of SAMP Servers. To invite the bot, click HERE. If you need support, join our Official Support Server

The Staff Team

The Falcon Team is made up of different sub-teams and Departments, which comprises of professional, educated and responsible members, who place as much effort as they can into making the organization successful, while trying their best to meet customers' satisfaction!

Dominant Staff Members

J. Whiteman


Whiteman joined the Staff Team in 2020, funding majority of the projects associated with Falcon Host, as it continues to provide services to the public. He is one of the main coordinator and member of the team.


FORMER COordinator

There are much to say about Diego, and if a list is to be created to identify the things which was contributed by this individual, we'd need the world of scrolls. Diego is the OG of this organization, and he contributed in many ways, to ensure VPS and domains were puchased to keep this project alive. Although activity isn't an on-going thing among his participation, he is appreciated for every aid provided.



Sparke is one of the individuals who funded the project from the very beginning and has continued to support the organization in several ways. With his dedication, Falcon Host is where it is today.


coordinator, founder, and head developer

Kevin, also known as KTD, Chaotic, Joker, and Dual, is the founder of the entire organization. He is the ONLY individual who has access to the database and source codes for every site associated platforms to Falcon Host.



Jason, also known as JasonTheMan, is one of the Coordinators and the current Head of Internal Affairs and Public Relations Department. He is responsible for recruiting Staff Members, and ensuring they are trained and professionaly instructed how to cope with clients and customers abroad. Jason owns a few other organizations, which works in full partnership with Falcon Host to ensure long term goals and demands are met.